We are a group of like minded socially conservative friends and associates who share similar values and we are hoping you will to. We do not cultivate glory for ourselves in what has been achieved here rather give the applause to all the featured organisations on this website. Many have toiled for many years on their subject matter and achieved significance in their own right. We give special mention to those conservative”HEROES” who have put themselves above the political and ideological parapets and spoken boldly on so many issues.

This organisation is directed at the right of center conservative audience. We all of us sit somewhere on the political, ideological and theological spectrum and this site will not gain approval from all of you and that is to be expected. Many of our friends are liberals or progressives and although we do not share the same thoughts, opinions and world view we have come to respect each others opinions and debate issues whilst still maintaining friendships.

Our (and yours) world views have formulated over many years. We are products of our parents, education and environments and as such have changed allegiances over the years to many issues and political parties. They say as you get older that you become more conservative but this is not always true but wiser hopefully.

It is expected that as we promote conservative views we will attract the ire of many progressives and liberals but it is our desire that will be conducted in a constructive manner. For sure the blog on this site is moderated and lets see if we can talk to each other rather than over each other. It is our intention for the blog to post issues pertaining to both conservative and other points of view so that we can try and understand each other. Please try to refrain from inappropriately harsh or course language especially on hot topics and try to be balanced and fair in what we all say.

We monitor over 20+ NZ and overseas blogging websites across all the issues covered on this website. Some bloggers are more prolific than others especially for contentious issues such as Abortion and Climate change. Although we read all the blog posts from the featured organisations we need to filter those that we reblog and post. This is in order to maintain a balance across all issues  and ensure we don’t flood you with a lot about one or two issues. If you subscribe to our blog you will be able to read posts that generally pertain to our conservative positions.We try not to blog general news and suggest you subscribe to Whale Oil, Kiwi blog or Your NZ if that is your requirement. We do make unique posts however we are a blog aggregator at this time and generally reblog other mainstream posters.

This website is designed to bring together into one place other website organisations who share the same social conservative values as we do. We want to support these organisations, try to be fair to political parties especially those on the centre right in comparing their “Value” positions and acknowledge our Judeo Christian heritage without being overly religious. A tall task you might say but above all we want to be fair to you in what we say and how we present it truthfully. If any bias does creeps in we apologise in advance, we are only human!

The feature pages contain various sources of information gathered from NZ and world wide so that others like us can understand the issues. Information includes:


  • “Talking Points” – These are the main takeaway points on any issues and we try to provide a succinct argument on the issue in hand. There are links to source documents for further information. Some links go straight to video clips on the topic matter and have the You Tube symbol here.



  • Commentary-Articles“- These are thoughtful in-depth articles on the subject matter and provide a much deeper background on the topic issues. Many are due to their nature biblically based as many conservatives hold to these views.


  • ‘Video Commentary’- These are video clips (usually You Tube) that best illustrate the subject topics. Simply click on the image to play the clip via You Tube.


  • Topic Matter Definitions“- these help to clarify the issues especially when one issue can have various interpretations.


  • View these Centre Right NZ Political Party Policies and voting position on an issue”. To help you formulate a voting position in the NZ General Elections (one due in 2017). You can see political parties or politician intentions (as quizzed by Family First in 2014) on the issues and that should help you to decide who to vote for. We do not endorse any particular party or politician rather let you decide once you have the facts.


  •       “Family First Policy request“- Family First are a leading NZ pro-family organisation. We take their lead on many issues and they have formulated a list of policies that political parties could pick up to be attractive to conservatives and centre right voters. We should stress that Family First are not a political party rather a leading voice for conservatives.


  • Featured Organisation“- There are many organisations featured here mainly from NZ and they all address various family or conservative issues. We have highlighted the organisations topics and this means they can appear in various topic categories especially if they are a general pro-family organisation like Family First. There is an “ABOUT” section which gives an overview of their operation and finally a screen dump of their relevant topic page. This may not be up to date so click on the image or links to get the latest info. If there are relevant video clips for the organisation they will be below the screen dump.

ConservativeHeroes  ConservativeHeroesWW

  • Conservative Hero” – These are people we have identified as being bold for their conservative cause in the public eye and deserving of our special recognition and thanks. There are many people passionate about their particular conservative issues and we also thank them as they speak up for many of us also.


  • ‘NZ Conservative Coalition-Blog Posts’- Any blog posts from our organisation have a category allocated to the post which covers the main issue. The posts are summarised under the ‘ISSUES’ heading RHS of the pages. The posts are also listed at the bottom of each topic page and offer further information on each topic. All blog posts also have narrower topic ‘TAGS’ allocated to them and these enable you to drill in further to the posts about key people or topics.


  • Be Empowered“- How many of us silently look at what is happening around us, cannot believe it but feel unable to contribute to change it for the better. We have been overwhelmed with the advances by Progressives and Liberals in society through our silence, BUT NO MORE. You can make a difference and we have listed ways you can exercise your voice. Your conservative voice can be heard!

What is a CONSERVATIVE and are you one of us?

The font of all knowledge Wikipedia here has a very full description of Conservatives . Unfortunately there is no listing for New Zealand under the heading “Modern Conservatism in different countries”  although Australia is listed.

As you can see from Wikipedia, the characteristic of being a conservative varies by country. A Conservative person in NZ may be different from Australia, UK, Canada and all other countries. In NZ in general, Conservatives believe in Sanctity of Life before birth and regarding death, Human Rights along with Responsibilities, Help those in immediate need but expect them to help themselves long term, Truth is still Absolute despite attempts to the contrary, Crime should be punished appropriately and yes the prisoner should be trained for release, Family is First and not the Government as a substitute nor other alternative societal structures, Government exists to serve us, protect us, provide us with essentials but stay out of our lives as much as possible.  That’s a start!
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