Here are our value positions and these relate to the featured websites in this directory.

Where political parties including those on the conservative centre right make policy that is in variance to our stated traditional values we reserve the right to point them out.


This applies to before birth i.e. NO ABORTION, and end of life i.e. NO EUTHANASIA as well as no selling of our bodies of  i.e NO PROSTITUTION. Hard as life is we do not have the right to end our life i.e. NO SUICIDE. We should care and value our ELDERLY, most of us will be one day. We must be careful in playing God with BIOETHICS, it may be Pandora’s Box one day. We should be careful with SURROGACY.


We do have HUMAN RIGHTS as all men & women are created equal, but with those rights come RESPONSIBILITIES. The Ten Commandments gives us those responsibilities to our fellow man, NO MURDER, NO THEFT, NO COVETING, NO ADULTERY & NO FALSE WITNESS.  We are to TREAT IMMIGRANTS WELL, PROVIDE for the POOR & GRANT INTEREST FREE LOANS to them.


Don’t just give a man a fish if he and his family are hungry, teach him how to fish and take care of himself and his family. In NZ the social welfare system was set up as a SAFETY NET but it has now become an ENSNARING NET, a way of life through generations where it has set the tone for generations of children to come.


The TRUTH should not be confused with a LIE. This has come to the fore in the recent US Election where lies were spread everywhere by all sides. We now have to contend with FAKE NEWS, the PC BRIGADE, LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS, BLATANT LIES being told without consequences and so it goes on. What are we to believe now and how do we know the truth anymore? Those who have faith know instinctively how to tell the difference because the truth has remained the same but society has moved away from it. We must return!


If a crime is committed the punishment should fit appropriately. DO THE CRIME and DO THE TIME especially with loosened bail laws. Look after the VICTIMS who are hurt before the perpetrator who has hurt others. If youth do adult crime they should be treated as adults. THREE STRIKES and YOU’RE OUT!


We believe the best human model for raising a family is the TRADITIONAL NUCLEAR FAMILY of MOTHER (female), FATHER (male) and the children (birth gender). A child has the best possible future when loved and nurtured by a mother AND father. It has been proven that POVERTY is an outcome when the traditional family is not followed.


Government should only exist to PROTECT us, provide us necessary infrastructures and a safety net. Government should listen to the will of the people who elected them. The BINDING CITIZENS INITIATED  REFERENDUMS should be binding.We agree that the number of MP’s should be reduced. The only political parties we can mostly agree with are NATIONAL although they have lost their way on social issue, NZ FIRST and the CONSERVATIVE PARTY NZ.


Israel should not be split into two entities and retain its SINGLE STATE.


We agree climate DOES CHANGE, has done and ALWAYS WILL. We believe that the human effect on the climate is very small compared to other natural forces (e.g sunspot activity). We agree that the environment should be protected however not at the exorbitant costs masquerading under the climate change umbrella.


When the natural family breaks down and faith is devalued as it has been, the consequences are dire especially when people have no hope, including, SUICIDE, DIVORCE, CRIME PRISON, DRUGS, ALCOHOL ABUSE, ADDICTIONS, MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES and much more.


Education of our children is our responsibility as parents, aided by unbiased educational institutions. POLITICALLY CORRECT Schools and universities have lost their way in this, kids are not adequately taught the basics of spelling, reading and arithmetic. They are taught inappropriately SEX EDUCATION at school and are loosing real life skills with silly METHODS.


We were born, boy and girl, male and female, there is NO other GENDER we are born with or ever will be. If people want to be called by another name then that’s their prerogative but we do not have to buy into it. People who are confused about their gender identity need professional help because they are being self delusional and their only path is downwards.


The media have strayed from reporting the truth to giving biased opinion now. We cannot trust the mainstream media anymore, they give us FAKE NEWS. Academia especially universities are polluting our children with liberal progressive philosophy and distributing POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Holly wood are feeding us profanity, violence, pornography and our own countries CENSORSHIP will not prevent it.



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