Why do families work? Because God Himself designed them! Thriving families will lead to thriving communities, and thriving communities will transform the world. People will find purpose, joy and redemption; and generation after generation will create a positive legacy.(more)
 Family breakdown and decreasing marriage rates are seldom considered in debate on social policy issues, such as poverty among families with children, in New Zealand.(more)
 Although there have been year-to-year variations, the marriage rate has been declining steadily since 1971 (from around 46 marriages per 1,000 unmarried people older than 16 to around 14 marriages per 1,000 in 2007). Many marriages, furthermore, last for a relatively short time. The median duration of a marriage ending in divorce in 2006 was 13.3 years, with marriages under five years accounting for around 15 percent of divorces and marriages under 15 years accounting for around 56 percent of divorces. (more)
The teenage birth rate in New Zealand is high by OECD standards, particularly for young Maori and Pacifika women. Teenage childbearing has a long-lasting effect on the wellbeing of the women and children involved, including interrupted education, reduced earning potential, and reduced career prospects. (more)
In 2006 sole parents with dependent children made up 30 percent of families with children. Poverty and living standards research in New Zealand has illustrated that sole parents have the lowest average living standards of all economic family unit types. Maori and Pacifika women were more likely than women from other ethnic groups to be sole parents. (more)
The interaction of a range of tax-benefit programmes creates marriage penalties and poverty traps, particularly for families with children. Marriage penalties mean that some people are discouraged from entering into or remaining in a relationship in the nature of marriage by the tax-benefit system. Poverty traps occur when there is a range of hours of work where, due to taxation and the clawback of assistance, there are few or no financial incentives for people to enter into or remain in work, or to increase their hours of work or wage rates. (more)
 Family breakdown and decreasing marriage rates also lead to social costs by increasing the fiscal costs to taxpayers through increasing take-up of government programmes (e.g., the number of children and adults in need of income assistance) and through influencing the social problems facing communities – such as crime and poor health outcomes. Both of these categories of taxpayer cost are considered in this report. (more)
 While divorce may on occasion help avoid negative family outcomes (such as in high conflict situations), international research suggests that Family breakdown and decreasing marriage rates are seldom considered in debate on social policy issues, such as poverty among families with children, in New Zealand. THE VALUE OF FAMILY /// III the private costs of divorce and unmarried childbearing include increased risks of poverty, mental illness, infant mortality, physical illness, juvenile delinquency and adult criminality, sexual abuse and other forms of family violence, economic hardship, substance abuse, and educational failure. In this report emphasis is given to the effect of family breakdown and decreasing marriage rates on poverty among families with children.(more)


COMMENTARY  Value of Family (2008)

Source: Family First  Released October 2008

Fiscal Benefits of Marriage and Reducing Family Breakdown in New Zealand


See the full report on Value of Family here.






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Family First is NOT a political party and has no intention to be one.
Their role is to be a voice for families in the public domain, and to research and advocate for family and marriage issues.Family First has released its ‘Principles on Family’ – 11 principles highlighting the meaning and significance of the term ‘family’. While there are many forms of family in today’s society, these principles hold true as to what we need to encourage and protect.It has been adapted from “The Natural Family: A Manifesto” developed by the World Congress of Families. The World Congress of Families has been held since 1997 in Prague, Geneva and Mexico City, and was held in Poland (May 07).
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Focus on the Family NZ is a Christian organization with a vision for helping families, communities and society to thrive through Christ and His Gospel. Our purpose is to strengthen, defend and celebrate human dignity, marriage and the institution of the traditional family, and to highlight the unique and irreplaceable role that these play in God’s larger story of redemption.

Rather than just focusing on problems, we place a strong emphasis on seeking out and providing redemptive solutions to the issues that negatively impact marriages, families and the human person. Our ultimate desire is to empower the Church in this country with the knowledge and the tools that it needs to embrace and be a vibrant living witness to the life-changing power of Christian love in action.

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