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High Court Rules Against Doctors’ Consciences — The BFD

Helen HoughtonNew Conservative Spokeswoman New Conservative is concerned that the High Court has upheld the requirement of doctors to cooperate in the killing of unborn children against their will. This relates to the recent decision by Justice Rebecca Ellis in the case of the New Zealand Health Professionals Alliance versus the Attorney General. The Alliance…

High Court Rules Against Doctors’ Consciences — The BFD

Police Continue to Intimidate Licenced Firearms Owners — The BFD


One of my friends and moderator on Right Minds, Matthew McCluskey, received a visit from the friendly neighbourhood cops on Saturday night at 9 pm. He’s allowed me to use his real name to provide some weight behind this bizarre story, as he usually performs his limited online activity under a pseudonym. He was cleaning…

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BFD Political Corner: Election 2020 New Conservative — The BFD


BFD Political corner: Election 2020 is a new series that will feature political speeches, political ads and political campaigns on Social media from a range of different political parties in the lead up to the New Zealand election. Today we have the New Conservative Party: The BFD. New Conservative Party. Election 2020Highlights from Elliot at…

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BFD Political Corner: Election 2020 New Conservative — The BFD

BFD Political corner: Election 2020 is a new series that will feature political speeches, political ads and political campaigns on Social media from a range of different political parties in the lead up to the New Zealand election. Today we have the New Conservative Party: The BFD. Euthanasia policy New Conservative is opposed to the…

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Meet Elliot Ikelei, New Conservative Deputy Leader — The BFD


In a few sentences describe who you are, and who the New Conservatives are? For myself, I’ve spent nearly twenty years with at-risk youth and families, in personal then professional life, and am a husband with two little punks who I adore.For us, we are Kiwis who are at the coalface of various industries and…

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New Conservative Leader Leighton Baker on Climate Pollution — The BFD


Leighton Baker, leader of New Conservative talks about how our party takes a different approach to Climate Change. We believe hard-earned taxpayers money is better well spent looking for solutions to pollution and other environmental ills including climate change. Carbon credits are a wasted effort as we have little ability to control our planet. An…

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Hate Speech? Or Speech they Hate!

It is not hate speech that is being banned, but speech that the Left hate.

New Conservative has received a large amount of interest over the last few weeks but in the last 24 hours on-line subscriptions and members have spiked to an all time high.

The reason is primarily because social media platforms and news websites have blocked comments from some key New Conservative spokespeople. This clearly demonstrates that while these platforms think they can decide what people see and hear, the evidence clearly points to people being fed up with such muzzling and politically correct nonsense and are looking for a voice to stand up and say what they are longing to have said.

New Conservative has been at the forefront of the freedom of speech debate in New Zealand. Its deputy leader, Elliot Ikilei, has recently been the target of denial of service actions from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for describing transgenderism as requiring “compassion and tolerance,” and for a clip showing an assault on families at a political rally by young men of a nearby township. Most New Zealanders are now becoming aware of the direct censorship of conservative speakers and those who are wanting to engage in robust debate.

We are in desperate need of men and women with the backbone to stand up to the imminent threat of ‘thought shaping’ that the current government and social media clearly promote.

“When a platform disallows someone to refer to scientific fact and verified occurrences, be aware that you are living in a state of growing tyranny where independent thought is actively discouraged. This has been happening in education for some years and New Conservative will not stand by and let the basic right of free speech and to be informed be snatched away from the men, women and children of New Zealand,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.

Leighton Baker, Leader, New Conservative
021 361 879

Government needs to look after New Zealand farmers

NewConservativePRNew Zealand farmers are working hard to lead the world in sustainable farming practices, yet it seems that the government is still determined to undermine their efforts by using misleading accounting methods.

Since 2014 farmers have reduced the methane they produce at a rate which is far greater then what is required under the Paris accord, and it is very likely that the remaining N2O emissions are more than offset by the forestry on farms.

New Conservative have been advised that the New Zealand government is failing to credit farmers with the carbon sequestration of pre 1990 forests, which means that farmers are unnecessarily penalised.  Small businesses in New Zealand would struggle to survive if they could not claim back the GST that they had already paid to suppliers and sub-trades. In the same way farmers must be credited for the good they do, not only penalised for the bad.

We call on the Minister for the Environment to give farmers an approximate figure, with calculations, of the forestry area required to offset any contribution agriculture is making to warming. This will give the industry a target to aim for.

“Looking after our hard working primary producers should be near the top of Government priorities,” says party leader Leighton Baker

Leighton Baker, Party Leader New Conservative
021 361879

The cauldron that is NZ Politics right now — The Daily Blog

Pardon us for featuring “The Daily Blog” but it is one of the Leftist NZ Blog Sites we monitor. In recent times they have become fixated on the smaller Centre Right Parties especially New Conservative. They are right to be worried and so we have included their blog article here.CommentsLogo

Has there been a period of time in NZ’s recent political history when there was so much seething political action and tensions beneath the skin of the body politic? As MMP reproduces the failures of the tyranny of the majority by handing the vast majority of votes to two political parties, there are beep bubbles…

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Alt-right slight might — Your NZ

The ‘alt right’ organised protests in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch yesterday – see ‘NZ Sovereignty’ rallies against immigration. Someone tweeted about someone at one of the protests having a swastika tattoo on his head… Sad and a little shocked to see neo-Nazis out and proud. In Wellington, New Zealand. In 2019. …but otherwise things seemed quiet […]

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Weak Justice is No Justice

Predator.jpgJustice for victims and protection of the innocent are being denied with recent sentences for violent crime.

“Our Justice system is looking more and more predator friendly, and the insipid measures by the current government underline this perverting of justice”, says Elliot Ikilei, Deputy Leader, New Conservative.

Recounting recent court decisions Mr Ikilei challenges the system that is bringing greater harm to innocent victims.

Last year an Academic of Journalism molested an 82 year old lady inside her rest home. She tried to stop him, but he forcibly kissed her, touched her, pulled his pants down. When help finally arrived they found her wet underwear, incontinence pad and trousers in a rubbish bin. She bravely fought against this predator, but he was just too physically strong. The university academic also told police it was “consensual” (Stuff report, 26 Jan).

Last Friday he received 8 months home detention. How comfortable.

Last year another predator was sentenced, betraying the difficult and honourable cause of Youth Work; he groomed a child while being in charge of looking after others, sent her photos of his penis and clips of him masturbating, and even planned activities for other children that enabled his predatory behaviour to have the child perform sexual acts upon him, including oral sex. Weeks before being sentenced, he mocked the victim and victim’s family. He was 21 and the child was 12 when contact began.

He received 11 months home detention and a programme. XBox or Playstation?

Another sentence from last year, was an abuser who brutally beat his 9 month old baby so bad that the baby was hospitalised with fractures to cheekbones, ripped bottom lip, tongue and around mouth and eyes so swollen that the baby boy could barely open them. He also gave his girlfriend a beating with a weapon and kicked her on the ground before demanding she feed the brutalised baby.

He received 9 months home detention and community service. The judge was likely humiliated when the abuser popped off to the pub that very night with a selfie posted on FB for beating prison time. “Last day at court sweet. Now I can live my life.”

Home detentions have been given out for abusing the weak and causing lifelong harm to children, for killing, for brutal and sadistic crimes, yet we seem to be seeing more of these.

Why do we not protect the innocent and punish the guilty?

Why do we insult the lives of those who have been molested, hurt, killed?

Is home detention being considered when sentencing due to Labour’s push towards getting prison numbers lower?

“New Conservative will encourage Restorative Justice while removing discounted sentencing, get rid of ‘serve concurrently’ and engage in our 3 stage sentencing,” concludes Ikilei. “We will also fight for increases to maximum sentences for crimes including sexual and violent crime. Protect the innocent, punish the guilty, and only then will we stop the state insulting/traumatising the victims in our community.”

Elliot Ikilei, Deputy Leader New Conservative
021 1628472

New Conservative – from Strength to Strength

With the announcement today of  two new board members, David Moffett and Casey Costello,  New Conservative will be a serious contender in the 2020 election.

“With the growing success we are seeing, our Board has been keen to add specific skills that will be necessary to take the Party forward towards the next election,” says New Conservative Board Chairman, Simon Gutschlag.

“The 2020 General  Election is likely to be the most crucial election in NZ politics for the past 30 years. We will fight for every New Zealander, not just those that support us, and we will do that with a highly skilled, energetic and professional team, dedicated to putting people at the heart of every policy and decision.”

Casey Costello  caseycostello
Most recently recognised for her involvement with Hobson’s Pledge as co-spokesperson with Don Brash. A former Police officer and successful business manager she takes great pride in her Ngapuhi and Anglo-Irish ancestry. Believing strongly in aspirational leadership she has been active in advocating for equal opportunity and rights before the law.

“New Conservative is committed to the type of integrity and values that best represent most New Zealanders,” says Casey. “We need to protect the equality of opportunity that encourages individuals to thrive while providing support for our most vulnerable.”

In her role with Hobson’s Pledge Casey has continued to stand for democracy and equality of rights before the law on the basis that separatism can never be a solution in a progressive nation.

“Working with New Conservative is a fantastic opportunity for me. This is a team of truly good people, dedicated to a better New Zealand, with the vision and energy to deliver an accountability and honesty that we should expect from our government,” concludes Casey.

Casey’s background in business management and marketing will see her take on Board Responsibility for Marketing.

David Moffett  davidmoffett
David brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from a successful career in Business and Sport. He is the former owner of Pacific Waste Management,  CEO of NZ Rugby, Welsh Rugby and the NRL. He has worked in high pressure, combative and high profile positions in NZ and overseas.

His great strengths are in the crucial areas of strategy and communications. He has also been responsible for turning loss making and unsuccessful organisations around quickly and importantly ensuring that they are sustainable.

“I was attracted to NC because of their beliefs,” says David. “In particular I fully support the belief that it is the responsibility of individuals to provide for themselves, their families and their dependents, while recognizing that government must respond to those who require assistance and compassion.”

David is also a strong believer that there is a need for a viable and strong organisation that reflects the wishes of the majority of Kiwis that spurn far left and far right politics.

He will have Board Responsibility for Strategy and Communications.

David Moffett said, “I am incredibly honoured and humbled that New Conservative feels that I can contribute to their success in the 2020 General Election Campaign. It is my view that our foremost purpose is to ensure that as many of our high calibre candidates are elected as possible. That is the minimum that our growing list of supporters will expect from us. We are not there to make up the numbers.”

“We have strong leadership with sage wisdom and common sense of Leighton Baker at the helm, the growing profile of Elliot Ikilei from the front lines of working with troubled youth, and with the dedication of the board we are achieving growing success in profile and membership,” says Gutschlag.

Simon Gutschlag, Board Chair, New Conservative
022 545 7509


New Conservatives are on an elephant hunt — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

In an article on their website the New Conservatives take a swing at Jami-Lee Ross. Some of their accusations are fair but they seem to have completely misunderstood the issue of proxy voting and who decides how a proxy vote is cast. Quote. New Conservative has been the vanguard, standing against the attacks on free…

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Political year review – the parties 2018 — Your NZ

A lot of politics and politicians fly under the media radar. Some make the headlines, because the have prominent jobs, because the seek publicity, or because publicity seeks them they cock up. here’s a few of my thoughts and impressions on the 2018 political year. Party-wise I don’t think there is much of note. National […]

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Birth Certificate or Choice Certificate?

PRESS RELEASE   NewConservativeTheTruth

Last week the debate was about the impact of PC culture on freedom of speech. New Conservative is concerned we are about to go a step further with more PC madness.

This week, a previously conservative, and usually unPC NZ First politician, has “come out” promoting a Bill making it possible to change gender on one’s birth certificate by way of a statutory declaration instead of needing confirmation by a judge.

Family First is right in saying this is an historical document stating biological reality. It is often called for as the most basic and accurate form of identification. In the future it will be, “Yeah. Right!”

The Committee’s recommendations say that they were confident that the Bill would not place others at risk of harm. 16 year old boys legally allowed to enter the girl’s changing sheds at school and other places is not a risk? Come on! The Lesbian Rights Alliance Aotearoa and parents have every reason to be concerned.

This sort of PC nonsense is an attack on truth and science. Apart from extremely rare exceptions, every child is born either male or female, a biological fact of reality. These facts should stand alone.

“What people do in their own home is their business, but let’s keep our public and shared spaces safe,” says New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker.

Leighton Baker, Leader New Conservative
021 361879

ACT and NZ First Missing the Point

NewConservativePRESS RELEASE

New Conservative congratulates David Seymour for copying long-held New Conservative policy on key elements of the way government should be structured (as did NZ First in the run up to the last election).

Both parties however are still missing the point. They still hold the belief that those elected have the right to overrule the wishes of the people, even if a referendum on this matter is held.

In 1999, 81.5% of New Zealand voters told the government through a CITIZEN’s Initiated Referendum (with an excellent turnout of 82.8% of voters) that they wanted less government. ACT and NZ First still fail to recognise the voters have already spoken on this.

New Conservative intends to make ALL Referenda BINDING. Bottom line. New Zealand, your voice matters!

ACT would do well to consider copying our other policies for open democracy such as, replacing conscience voting with referenda, and linking any change in MP salaries to the change in the average wage in NZ, up or down. Government reforms should go further than ACT and NZ First propose.

“This morning David Seymour said that the main reason for reducing the number of MPs was to tighten government spending heading into tough times. Not only does he not go far enough, but he completely ignores the fact that voters demanded it nearly 2 decades ago, and 10s of millions of dollars have since been wasted,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader. “New Conservative wants to tidy up New Zealand’s democracy so the people’s voice is heard. Your Nation. Your Voice.”

Leighton Baker, Leader, New Conservative (www.nc.org.nz)
021 361879

Democracy an Endangered Species

ThinkBigDebate  ElliotIkilei1.jpg

Don Brash banned from attending Massey University by invitation to speak about his political career for fear he might say something someone didn’t agree with? Ridiculous! He is not known for threats or violence, but is a clear thinking, intelligent man. 86% of respondents to a Herald poll said they did not agree with such a ban.

With our government’s tacit endorsement of protest activity that intimidates and terrorises those who may represent a different view, democracy becomes the only loser.

New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker, says, “Labour and the Greens campaigned on greater openness and transparency in the last election. Freedom of speech is about openness and transparency.

“While some want to normalize language considered vulgar and offensive by most on the one hand, they want to silence healthy debate on the other. New Zealanders deserve more from their elected representatives than allowing activists to dictate what law-abiding citizens can hear.”

Freedom of Speech is no more a right of the individual, as it is a necessity to uphold true democracy. The informed, collective voice of the people is our best guide, and without it democracy is lost.

“New Conservative congratulates University of Auckland for their willingness to buck the trend and stand firm for open, honest, respectful debate on a matter central to true democracy. The debate to be held at UoA this Thursday with Don Brash and Elliot Ikilei our Deputy Leader is a victory for Free Speech. Thank you for keeping democracy alive,” adds Mr Baker.

Leighton Baker, Leader
021 361879


New Conservative Party launched — Your NZ


The Conservative Party was Colin Craig’s party. It was seriously damaged when Craig hit problems with ex-staff and multiple defamation actions, and Craig dropped his political ambitions. The party has been repackaged and relaunched: NEW CONSERVATIVE – BUILDING THE RIGHT BRIDGES “New Zealand needs a viable coalition option before the 2020 election,” says Leader Leighton […]

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