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Short term negative trends — Your NZ

Neoliberalism and capitalism have a lot to answer for! https://t.co/3hiSV1ms4N — David Farrar (@dpfdpf) December 6, 2017 This figure is quite amazing. Never ever before has the world changed as it has from 1990 to 2015.#mindbogglingHt @bill_easterly pic.twitter.com/b1yXfDNEwD — Dina D. Pomeranz (@dinapomeranz) December 5, 2017 There were a number of comments criticising the short […]

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Spot on Seymour


David Seymour comments on Jim Bolger’s bewildered rant against neoliberalism: Jim Bolger is now parroting online social justice warriors, complaining about ‘neo-liberalism’. He is wrong that neoliberalism has led to inequality globally, global absolute poverty recently fell below 10 per cent for the first time in history. When Mr Bolger was first elected, it was…

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