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BFD Political Corner: Election 2020 New Conservative — The BFD


BFD Political corner: Election 2020 is a new series that will feature political speeches, political ads and political campaigns on Social media from a range of different political parties in the lead up to the New Zealand election. Today we have the New Conservative Party: The BFD. New Conservative Party. Election 2020Highlights from Elliot at…

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Meet Elliot Ikelei, New Conservative Deputy Leader — The BFD


In a few sentences describe who you are, and who the New Conservatives are? For myself, I’ve spent nearly twenty years with at-risk youth and families, in personal then professional life, and am a husband with two little punks who I adore.For us, we are Kiwis who are at the coalface of various industries and…

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TVNZ Panel vs Elliot Ikilei — WOBH | Media


Watch Elliot Ikilei the deputy leader of the New Conservatives present his reasoned views on Trump while members of the condescending panel laugh at him and try to dismiss his views. It was very much three against one and Elliot held his own calmly and well. It was fascinating to watch them change the subject…

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Hate Speech? Or Speech they Hate!

It is not hate speech that is being banned, but speech that the Left hate.

New Conservative has received a large amount of interest over the last few weeks but in the last 24 hours on-line subscriptions and members have spiked to an all time high.

The reason is primarily because social media platforms and news websites have blocked comments from some key New Conservative spokespeople. This clearly demonstrates that while these platforms think they can decide what people see and hear, the evidence clearly points to people being fed up with such muzzling and politically correct nonsense and are looking for a voice to stand up and say what they are longing to have said.

New Conservative has been at the forefront of the freedom of speech debate in New Zealand. Its deputy leader, Elliot Ikilei, has recently been the target of denial of service actions from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for describing transgenderism as requiring “compassion and tolerance,” and for a clip showing an assault on families at a political rally by young men of a nearby township. Most New Zealanders are now becoming aware of the direct censorship of conservative speakers and those who are wanting to engage in robust debate.

We are in desperate need of men and women with the backbone to stand up to the imminent threat of ‘thought shaping’ that the current government and social media clearly promote.

“When a platform disallows someone to refer to scientific fact and verified occurrences, be aware that you are living in a state of growing tyranny where independent thought is actively discouraged. This has been happening in education for some years and New Conservative will not stand by and let the basic right of free speech and to be informed be snatched away from the men, women and children of New Zealand,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.

Leighton Baker, Leader, New Conservative
021 361 879

New Conservative holds public meeting about the Botany electorate of Jami-Lee Ross

The New Conservative Party is targeting the Botany electorate of independent MP Jami-Lee Ross, saying his actions have created an opportunity there.

The party is holding a public meeting – not in Botany but next door in Pakuranga – with an advertisement saying “it’s time to listen to Botany”.

“We’ll discuss many important issues including Botany’s elected representation,” the ad says of the meeting on Friday.

Ross won the seat in the 2017 election as a National MP but refused to stand down when he was ejected from the party amid the scandal that followed his outing as the person who leaked leader Simon Bridges’ expense details.

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Weak Justice is No Justice

Predator.jpgJustice for victims and protection of the innocent are being denied with recent sentences for violent crime.

“Our Justice system is looking more and more predator friendly, and the insipid measures by the current government underline this perverting of justice”, says Elliot Ikilei, Deputy Leader, New Conservative.

Recounting recent court decisions Mr Ikilei challenges the system that is bringing greater harm to innocent victims.

Last year an Academic of Journalism molested an 82 year old lady inside her rest home. She tried to stop him, but he forcibly kissed her, touched her, pulled his pants down. When help finally arrived they found her wet underwear, incontinence pad and trousers in a rubbish bin. She bravely fought against this predator, but he was just too physically strong. The university academic also told police it was “consensual” (Stuff report, 26 Jan).

Last Friday he received 8 months home detention. How comfortable.

Last year another predator was sentenced, betraying the difficult and honourable cause of Youth Work; he groomed a child while being in charge of looking after others, sent her photos of his penis and clips of him masturbating, and even planned activities for other children that enabled his predatory behaviour to have the child perform sexual acts upon him, including oral sex. Weeks before being sentenced, he mocked the victim and victim’s family. He was 21 and the child was 12 when contact began.

He received 11 months home detention and a programme. XBox or Playstation?

Another sentence from last year, was an abuser who brutally beat his 9 month old baby so bad that the baby was hospitalised with fractures to cheekbones, ripped bottom lip, tongue and around mouth and eyes so swollen that the baby boy could barely open them. He also gave his girlfriend a beating with a weapon and kicked her on the ground before demanding she feed the brutalised baby.

He received 9 months home detention and community service. The judge was likely humiliated when the abuser popped off to the pub that very night with a selfie posted on FB for beating prison time. “Last day at court sweet. Now I can live my life.”

Home detentions have been given out for abusing the weak and causing lifelong harm to children, for killing, for brutal and sadistic crimes, yet we seem to be seeing more of these.

Why do we not protect the innocent and punish the guilty?

Why do we insult the lives of those who have been molested, hurt, killed?

Is home detention being considered when sentencing due to Labour’s push towards getting prison numbers lower?

“New Conservative will encourage Restorative Justice while removing discounted sentencing, get rid of ‘serve concurrently’ and engage in our 3 stage sentencing,” concludes Ikilei. “We will also fight for increases to maximum sentences for crimes including sexual and violent crime. Protect the innocent, punish the guilty, and only then will we stop the state insulting/traumatising the victims in our community.”

Elliot Ikilei, Deputy Leader New Conservative
021 1628472

Democracy an Endangered Species

ThinkBigDebate  ElliotIkilei1.jpg

Don Brash banned from attending Massey University by invitation to speak about his political career for fear he might say something someone didn’t agree with? Ridiculous! He is not known for threats or violence, but is a clear thinking, intelligent man. 86% of respondents to a Herald poll said they did not agree with such a ban.

With our government’s tacit endorsement of protest activity that intimidates and terrorises those who may represent a different view, democracy becomes the only loser.

New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker, says, “Labour and the Greens campaigned on greater openness and transparency in the last election. Freedom of speech is about openness and transparency.

“While some want to normalize language considered vulgar and offensive by most on the one hand, they want to silence healthy debate on the other. New Zealanders deserve more from their elected representatives than allowing activists to dictate what law-abiding citizens can hear.”

Freedom of Speech is no more a right of the individual, as it is a necessity to uphold true democracy. The informed, collective voice of the people is our best guide, and without it democracy is lost.

“New Conservative congratulates University of Auckland for their willingness to buck the trend and stand firm for open, honest, respectful debate on a matter central to true democracy. The debate to be held at UoA this Thursday with Don Brash and Elliot Ikilei our Deputy Leader is a victory for Free Speech. Thank you for keeping democracy alive,” adds Mr Baker.

Leighton Baker, Leader
021 361879


Face of the day — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media


I know some of the boys out there don’t understand why I am heading to the talk, although they fully get why I stand hard for the Free Speech aspect. I’ll release a quick clip tomorrow to give a BRIEF explanation. Would love to see some of the homies from the hood there […] Faamanuia…

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Getting Candid with … Elliot Ikilei

Conservative Party deputy leader and Manurewa candidate Elliot Ikilei.

Stuff.co.nz, 10th Aug 2017

Getting candid: In the lead up to the general election, we go behind the billboards and party colours to give you a ‘first person’ insight into the aspiring candidates. We are publishing their images in black and white so you can get to see them as people not just as politicians and their political brands. #gettingcandid

Elliot Ewen Pasione Ikilei​, 40, Manurewa candidate for The Conservative Party. He lives in Papakura.

I’ve lived five years south side, grew up east side (Pt England, Glen Innes, Mt Wellington), teen years in Kirikiriroa (Hamilton).

Give me three words that come to mind when I say ‘South Auckland’?

Family, community, authenticity.

Where’s the best place to buy dinner in your electorate?

My personal favourite for breakfast is Classic Cafe in Clendon. Lunch is between Melba or Malaysian Corner in Southmall, and dinner is between RSA buffet or Food Junction. I love the coffee in Urban Soul, BP in Weymouth and Classic Cafe on Browns Rd. We have heaps of awesome eateries in Manurewa.

What’s one piece of wisdom you’d like to pass on to others, particularly young people?

Your actions today determine your destiny tomorrow.

What’s one trial or struggle that you’ve overcome?

Who is the Kiwi you admire most and why?

My wife Eona, my grandmother Fanela Ikilei, my mother Dianne Hohaia, father Pasione Ikilei, my siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins. I admire them and they are part of me as I walk and talk.

When I’ve got a few free hours I like to …


Tell us what your party’s policies will do for people in this community?

Manurewa has not had a voice to protect the family for over six years. In that time Manurewa has been used as a ‘safe seat’ in order to try and push three anti-family bills. The Conservative Party released policies, long before the incumbent party, that place family as the most important organisation within society. Read through them, you will see quick fast our protection of this foundational pillar. At my first public debate at the University of Auckland, with the 10 big parties present, I was the only pro-life candidate there, and was booed for it. I was proud to stand up for our unborn children then, and proud to stand up for them now. We also have an awesome justice and youth crime policy which is firm, fair and with appropriate correction without the vengeance. We are the frontline, we know what works and what doesn’t. And our binding citizens’-initiated referendum. The referendum is our founding policy, brought in due to government ignoring every single referendum held thus far, our binding referendum is one that no other party has. No ruling government can veto our binding referendum.

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Deputy Leader for Manurewa Candidate

by Leighton Baker, Conservative Party NZ. Manurewa finally has a candidate who shares their views and values. The Conservative Party of New Zealand is excited to announce its candidate for Manurewa, Elliot Ikilei. Mr Ikilei has also been confirmed as the Deputy Party Leader and as such will be second on the Party List. “Quality…

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