In 2014 none of the NZ Centre Right political parties had formulated a position to regulate Surrogacy.(see here)
 Is surrogacy ethically acceptable? No was the unanimous view of eight scholars at a recent conference on the issue at Creighton University (article back in 1992, see here)
 The use of surrogacy, especially the wide use, might lead to a cheapening of our idea of what it is to be a person, to a decline in self-respect. (article back in 1992, see here)
 Speculation that surrogacy will create harmful effects on the child. When he or she discovers that gestation and birth involved another mother.  (article back in 1992, see here)
 Surrogacy certainly does suggest a morally defective motive if it is done for the economic convenience or comfort of the couple rather than as a desperate measure around infertility.  (article back in 1992, see here)
  There is an obvious possibility for exploitation of poor women who may sell wombs-for-hire. (article back in 1992, see here)


Commentary on Surrogacy

Source: Charles J. Dougherty
Center for Health Policy and Ethics

In its purest form, a surrogate mother has no genetic link to the child she bears. An embryo that is the genetic offspring of another couple is implanted in her uterus. The surrogate is a mother only biologically and only for nine months; she gives the child to its genetic parents at birth.

When all goes as planned, a healthy and very much wanted child is born and the three adults involved all get what they contracted for. But is surrogacy ethically acceptable? No was the unanimous view of eight scholars at a recent conference on the issue at Creighton University. They offered a variety of reasons against surrogacy, not all of them equally convincing.

More on whats wrong with Surrogacy


View these Centre Right NZ Political Party Policies and voting position on SURROGACY.

Note: Policies subject to change. Please check the Policy Links for the latest Policy if available. These are the voting positions of party leaders for the 2014 General Election as reported to Family First who asked the questions below. Please refer to the linked website ‘Value Your Vote 2014‘ for more information and updates.


Questions asked for the 2014 election


Will you SUPPORT or OPPOSE any bill which attempts to legalise surrogacy?

GREEN answers support the Conservative position.

actlogo Jamie Whyte UNDECIDED
Policy link
unitedfuturelogo Peter Dunne UNDECIDED
Policy link
nzfirstlogo Winston Peters UNDECIDED
Policy link
nationalpartylogo John Key NO RESPONSE
Policy link
cropped-cp-logo11.jpg Colin Craig UNDECIDED
Policy link

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