At present, anyone charged with a criminal offence and awaiting trial or sentencing may apply to the court for an order suppressing publication of their name (with the exception of those convicted on alcohol or drug-related offences.)(more)
 Judges can exercise their discretion to order name suppression depending on the submissions presented to them.(more)
 The Court may grant a temporary order preventing publication of an offenders name for a limited period of time or may grant a permanent order.(more)
 There have been far too many examples of offenders hiding behind name suppression because they are up and coming sports people or that should their identity be publically available it would ‘disadvantage’ them or their family in some claimed way.(more)
 SST’s firm position is that there should be NO permanent name suppression granted unless the complainant or victim requests and/or agrees to it. Sadly, while there are good grounds in many familial sexual assault cases for name suppression to be granted.(more)
 SST also propose that if the relationship between the offender and victim is never published, the offenders name does not need to be suppressed after conviction (everyone is innocent until proven guilty) which would help a) the offender become responsible for their actions, b) the public to be aware of the offenders behavior and c) the likelihood of other previous victims to come forward.(more)




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About this organisation

Sensible Sentencing encompasses two very distinct trusts and purposes. The Sensible Sentencing Group Trust (SSGT) is a charitable trust with the specific purpose of supporting victims of serious violent and/or sexual crime and homicide.
The Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST) is distinct to the SSGT and is also a registered charitable trust but, unlike the SSGT, does not have donee status with the IRD.
This is because the trust unashamedly exists to advocate on behalf of the victims of serious violent and/or sexual crime and homicide in New Zealand, with a view to ensuring effective sentencing and penal policies that reduce re-offending and ultimately keep the public safe. All donations received by the trust assist our volunteers to travel to meet  with politicians about the SST’s policy wishlist (such as bail and parole reform, three strikes and public offenders database), attend select committee sessions, educate our membership database regarding SST policies and activities, and run lobbying campaigns such as Christies’s Law.
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