A meditation technique linked to an occult group that believes planetary meditation can usher in the return of Lucifer to rule earth, is being rolled out in schools near you, in what its followers hope will boost the use of their meditation prayers by children. The courses have been compulsory because the Ministry of Education denies the religious link.(more)
 What is significant is that this programme is being pushed in schools at the same time as Bible-in-schools comes under attack by small groups such as the Secular Education Network – and these same groups suddenly go quiet. It’s called ‘selective offence’ – or hypocrisy! (more)
 We also note that the Australian government has just released a major review of the education curriculum, calling for teachers to go ‘back to basics’ on grammar, punctuation and reading. It also says that western civilisation is being demonised in schools. But here’s the best bit –“History should be revised in order to properly recognise the impact and significance of Australia’s Judaeo-Christian heritage.’’(more)
 What does the Education Act say about religion in state primary schools? The effect of the Education Act 1964 is that schools do not have to provide religious instruction or observance, but they are permitted to do so under certain conditions. Whether a school includes religion in the day-to-day life of the school or not is up to the school’s Board of Trustees. If a school does provide religious instruction or observe religious customs it must be done in a way that allows students to opt out freely if they want to.(more)
 We would encourage parents to exercise their right to withdraw their child/ren from the programme if they are concerned about the “Mindfulness” programme and the way it is operated in the school, in the same way that we would encourage parents to exercise the same right when groups like Family Planning and Rainbow Youth come in to schools with their dangerous and misleading sex education messages. More information on parents’ rights are on our website HERE
 An educational facilitator from the Mental Health Foundation named Grant Rix is deeply involved with the schools programme. Riversdale parent Basil Patterson says the programme is being pitched to parents as a ‘relaxation technique’ that was not in any way religious, but he says that just isn’t true.(more)
 Grant Rix is named on the website of one of New Zealand’s “Theosophy” groups, an occult order whose founders taught that Lucifer will return to control earth if enough people practice techniques like mindfulness. The website, under the heading “Mindfulness in practice” clearly acknowledges the religious basis of Mindfulness, and advocates ways of getting it into wider society.(more)
 “It doesn’t matter whether we as parents believe in this mumbo-jumbo,” said one woman who didn’t wish to be named, “what matters is that they are teaching our kids this mumbo-jumbo but because the Ministry of Education is calling it “secular” we cannot pull our kids out of these classes. It’s not ‘mindfulness’, it’s mind control.”(more)


COMMENTARY on Compulsory Buddhism in schools

MIND CONTROL-How a religious cult has gained government approval to groom your kids. A meditation technique linked to an occult group that believes planetary meditation can usher in the return of Lucifer to rule earth, is being rolled out in schools near you, in what its followers hope will boost the use of their meditation prayers by children. The courses have been compulsory because the Ministry of Education denies the religious link. IAN WISHART breaks the story

They say they’re against religion in schools, but government academics are rolling out a nationwide Buddhist meditation system for schoolchildren and it is planned to be compulsory in every classroom.

The system is called “Mindfulness”, and it’s a New Age psychological variant based on modern Buddhism. Parents in provincial schools where the Ministry of Education has been running a pilot programme are outraged, and say their complaints are being ignored.

“My concern,” wrote one parent who sat in one a Mindfulness training programme at her local school wrote, “is that this Mindfulness programme is being presented as totally secular and non-religious, despite the fact that its roots are spiritual from deep within the Buddhist religious worldview, and it is being taught and promoted by a team of adherents to these religious practices and beliefs.

“I am not comfortable with these practices and beliefs being taught to my children. I am not comfortable that other children, parents and whanau with a similar worldview or beliefs were not given the chance to decide for themselves.”

The programme has echoes of one in American schools that purported to teach “tolerance” to Islam by forcing children to pray to Mecca and recite verses from the Qur’an.

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