In 2014 when questioned by Family First, only NZ First and the NZ Conservative Party OPPOSED any bill which allows the adoption of children by same sex couples where neither partner is a biological parent.(more)
 One of the most volatile and important issues facing the Church today is the question of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. (more)
 The Civil Union Bill was promoted as reasonable legislation, to rectify civil rules and regulations that allegedly discriminate against homosexuals and lesbians.(more)
 Many New Zealanders, including senior politicians from other parties, are supportive, believing that the issue is about recognizing modern diversity and civil rights.(more)
 They would be probably unaware that overseas, particularly in Australia and America, certain gay activists and academics are telling gay communities that the real object is a social revolution to destroy the traditional family.(more)
 New social structures of marriage will enable sexual expression based on individuals, couples and groups. The latter is called “polyamory”.(more)
The Bible is very forthright and clear when it comes to homosexual behavior. It is contrary to God’s design and is sin. Even if there weren’t all these explicit passages dealing with homosexual acts, such acts would still be forbidden under the commandment “You shall not commit adultery.”. (more)
 Hollywood and the media are relentlessly bent on putting a happy face on homosexuality, whereas in fact it is a dark, twisted, and dangerous lifestyle, just as addictive and destructive as alcoholism or smoking.(more)





COMMENTARY: A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality

SOURCE: William Lane Craig

A frank attempt to deal with the question of whether homosexuality is immoral.

One of the most volatile and important issues facing the Church today is the question of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. The Church cannot duck this question. Events like the brutal murder of Matthew Shepherd, the homosexual student in Wyoming, or the recent spate of scandals involving pedophile priests, which has rocked the Catholic Church, serve to thrust this question to the front and center of American culture.

Christians who reject the legitimacy of the homosexual lifestyle are routinely denounced a homophobic, intolerant, even hateful. There is thus tremendous intimidation concerning this issue. Some churches have even endorsed the homosexual lifestyle and welcome those who practice it to be their ministers.

And don’t think this is happening just in liberal churches. One homosexual group called Evangelicals Concerned is a group of people who are to all appearances born-again, Bible-believing Christians, but also practicing homosexuals. They claim that the Bible doesn’t forbid homosexual activity or that its commands aren’t valid for today, but were just a reflection of the culture in which it was written. These people can be orthodox about Jesus and every other area of teaching; but they just think it’s all right to be a practicing homosexual. I recall hearing a New Testament scholar at a professional conference relate the story of his speaking in one of their meetings. “Folks were really concerned about what you were going to say,” his host said after the meeting. “Why?” he asked in surprise. “You know I’m not homophobic!” “Oh, no, that wasn’t the concern,” his host reassured him. “They were afraid you’d be too historical-critical!”


A good, clear perspective of the Transgender Argument and Abortion.

Source:Young Conservatives

Transgenderism is not a thing. Everyone clear on that? What happens when a person decides to “switch” their gender is we wind up with effeminate males and masculine women.Let’s allow brilliant conservative mind Ben Shapiro to explain further.

benshapiroclip BenShapiroQA.jpg

benshapirocliptransgender benshapiroclip1



View these Centre Right NZ Political Party Policies and voting position on SAME SEX COUPLE ADOPTION.

Note: Policies subject to change. Please check the Policy Links for the latest Policy if available. These are the voting positions of party leaders for the 2014 General Election as reported to Family First who asked the questions below. Please refer to the linked website ‘Value Your Vote 2014‘ for more information and updates.


Questions asked for the 2014 election

Same sex couple adoption

Will you SUPPORT or OPPOSE any bill which allows the adoption of children by same sex couples where neither partner is a biological parent?

GREEN answers support the Conservative position.

actlogo Jamie Whyte SUPPORTS
Policy link
unitedfuturelogo Peter Dunne SUPPORTS
Policy link
nzfirstlogo Winston Peters OPPOSES
Policy link
nationalpartylogo John Key NO RESPONSE
Policy link
cropped-cp-logo11.jpg Colin Craig OPPOSE
Policy link


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