No reliable science indicates there are any more than two genders. (more)
 Binary is the only gender story there is among humanity when it comes to gender and sex-distinction. (more)
 There is a clear and universal male and female nature and we have no difficulty recognising it from culture to culture.(more)
 The two sexes live out their particular sex in virtually countless ways.(more)
 “Human sexuality is a dichotomy, not a continuum.” Dr Leonard Sax.(more)
 The leading clinics seeing such children do not recommend parents and schools facilitate gender changes in such children.(more)
 Communities should not be swayed by the well-intentioned but misinformed – and sometimes even emotionally manipulative – efforts.(more)
 Each of us is unique, but this difference does nothing to indicate there are more than two sexes / genders.(more)


COMMENTARY on “BOYS GIRLS OTHER” Making Sense of the Confusing New World of Gender Identity

Source: Family First , Released 30 June 2015

Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to culture today cannot miss that various issues of gender identity are getting a great deal of attention. Even among our children. We hear it all around us:

“My little boy says he wants to be a girl? What do I do?”

“My child told me they are not allowed to refer to classmates as ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ anymore but must use so-called ‘gender-neutral’ terms.”

“It’s as if my child was born in the wrong body.”

“Last week, my child’s school started allowing a boy to use the girl’s restroom.”

“A boy who now sees himself as a girl wants to enter my daughter’s community beauty pageant and his parents are encouraging it.”

“The teacher at my children’s school is requiring all students to announce what she calls their ‘PPPs’ [preferred personal pronouns] to the other students and they are to refer to each other by these.”

“There is a father in our neighbourhood who wears a dress around the neighbourhood to show his toddler son that it’s not weird for boys to do so.”

These, and so many more, are new issues that are increasingly presenting themselves to parents, school administrators and teachers, policy-makers, as well as family counselors and pediatricians. They are hotly debated with deep emotional fervour on all sides. • What are we to make of all this? • Should parents and community leaders ‘get with the programme’ and embrace such things or should they be resisted? • Is there any reasonable middle ground? • When did all this even develop in the first place, and how?

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