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Leftist ‘Fact Checkers’ Just Can’t Admit That Morrison Is Right — The BFD


Once again, the taxpayer-funded ABC has proved both that it is irredeemably biased, and that so-called “fact-checkers” are in reality invariably left-wing propaganda. The ABC and its “fact-checking” unit have teamed up to “fact-check” Scott Morrison’s speech to the UN. Morrison hit back at the UN for banning Australia (along with other nations) from its…

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Muslim leaders urge Greens vote

As I’ve discussed before, Muslim leaders are not doing nearly enough to counter the scourge of radicalization and anti- Australian sentiment within their communities. So while those who speak frankly about Islam are shunned as being ‘Isis’s biggest recruiters’, these calls from an incompetent, Islamopologist leadership speaks volumes. “WA election: Muslim leaders urge Greens vote in One Nation […]

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Aussies take cat killing seriously

While Gareth Morgan is a grandstanding bullshit artist, the Aussies are acting against feral cats, pledging to exterminate more than 2 million of the critters. The federal government will unleash every weapon in its arsenal to wipe out 2 million feral cats – about a third of the population – and will provide $5 million to community…

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Trump: TPP a “job killer” and Australian refugee deal “dumb”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is hopeful the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will survive with just 11 nations after Mr Trump withdrew the US from it just days into his presidency. Mr Trump told the rally the TPP was a job killer and said he would pursue his pre-election plan of striking “tremendous” one-on-one trade…

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Senator Benardi’s speech on the UN

The following is an excerpt from Senator Benardi’s speech on the UN, following his 3 month parliamentary secondment to the organisation. And for the most part, I find myself agreeing with the Senator’s measured and rational criticism of the UN. Excerpt from Senator Benardi’s speech: Last year I was fortunate enough to spend three months as part of a […]

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Malcolm Turnbull destroys Bill Shorten

As I’ve made clear in the past, I’m no huge fan of Malcolm Turnbull, and I lost major interest in the Liberal party after he betrayed Tony Abbott to become Prime Minister. However, Turnbull’s demolition job of Shorten is not only entertaining, but when considering the union- controlled, parasitic, disconnected nature of the Labor party, he […]

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Why practicing Muslims should be barred from public office

Section 44 of the Australian constitution states that any person “under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power”… “shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.” Once upon a time, this section would have proven relevant for would- be German, […]

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Study shows conservative politicians are better looking – and it’s a big advantage

From Tom McIlroy  of The Sydney Morning Herald JANUARY 11 2017:

Politics might be show business for ugly people but new research suggests Australian MPs on the right could be more attractive than those on the left.

A new study published in the Journal of Public Economics has found the attractiveness of political candidates correlates with political views, and that in Europe, the United States and Australia it’s the conservative politicians who are better looking.Australia's living former prime ministers at the 2014 memorial service for Labor legend Gough Whitlam in Sydney.

Researchers in Germany and Prague found that just as good-looking people are likely to earn more and those with higher incomes typically oppose redistributive government policies, voters use beauty as a cue for conservatism in low-information elections.

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This article just out on 2nd Jan 2016  from the “AUSTRALIAN” by   a columnist.

“Last year began with certainty that Brexit was a pipe dream and US presidential hopeful Donald Trump would be knocked out in the Republican primaries by an ­establishment candidate. But then the year’s political events shook the liberal international order and ­delivered a counterpunch to decades of political correctness when Britons voted to leave the EU and Americans catapulted Trump into office.

Conservative European leaders are praying that 2017 will be the year of revolt and the Trump effect will become a transatlantic phe­nomenon. Australian politicians are questioning whether Malcolm Turnbull, a resolute centrist, can weather the political storm, or new leadership is needed to ­restore classical liberal economics and more conservative social values to the Liberal Party.

In the coming year, centrist parties across the West are hoping to contain the Trump effect and return to the status quo. But 2016 breathed new life into conservatism, and years of anti-conservative bigotry by the activist judiciary, media and academia have produced a critical mass keen for revolt. Among them, conservative senator Cory Bernardi.”…….

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The Straits Times In Sydney reported Saturday 31st Dec 2016 that the:

“Party leadership at stake if he confronts them; loss of public support if he gives in to them. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is facing an internal revolt from a group of ultra-conservative MPs who have been emboldened by the election of Mr Donald Trump as US President and are threatening to break away from the ruling coalition.

The challenge comes at a perilous time for Mr Turnbull, whose Liberal-National Coalition trails the opposition Labor party in opinion polls.

Mr Turnbull’s own approval ratings have plummeted, partly due to perceptions that he has abandoned his progressive tendencies to appease the more conservative wing of his coalition.”

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