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  1. I’ve seen that chart before (in a class, actually, I believe). As an American, I would comment that the New York Times, ABC, NBC, and NPR really shouldn’t be in the position they are–really, they should be further left, but that’s my opinion. The others in that center I haven’t really had much contact with.

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  2. I think I agree with you. Many of these media outlets have shown they are more centre left especially since the US election. Maybe the chart has an inbuilt bias!

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    • That’s probably true. I believe that the mere fact that many of them thought Hillary was going to win and dismissed Trump voters such as myself was an indication. It’s kind of why I’ve lost a lot of faith in the media.


      • Here in NZ, I made a prediction that Trump would become President at the start of the US Primaries. My liberal friends and relatives thought I was mad (now still think so) but i stood my ground. The victory was even sweeter when I could see the US polls predicting a Hillary win towards the end- they were all fooling themselves! Becoming a blogger (and you will be finding this also) with access to multiple feeds and various political stances you learn the value of truth resurrected (appropriate for this season) and instantly distrust mainstream media who stack their business with left leaning pundits etc.

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        • There’s a lot of truth in that, and yes, this is appropriate for the season (happy Easter by the way!). Naturally, my family and I were a bit skeptical at the beginning of the campaign, but we came to see his popularity and that he understood why we were angry. As context, the state I live in has a very late primary, so normally, our state doesn’t matter, and I don’t think candidates usually give us much mind (I mean, we usually are pretty faithfully red, but still), so usually, my parents don’t normally vote in the primary, but they and I both voted. We had lots of time to make our decision, and by the time it was our time to vote, we knew we had to vote for Trump. The student body of the high school I went is pretty liberal, so most were feeling the bern or were with her…my university was pretty similar, so everyone was so surprised to learn that Trump was our president. I’ve written about some of the aftermath (i.e. Trump hate chalkings, psychological services offered, etc.), and you likely heard about some things. Thankfully, my university isn’t super liberal (i.e. like universities that decide to give away their First Amendment rights), but it was still very evident. Ultimately, I’m just glad that Trump is president, because I can’t imagine how people like me would fare under Hillary. There are much more qualified woman that I’d rather vote for than her. The liberals who think it’s okay to demonize conservatives need to learn that you can’t just call us deplorable and expect us to change or even listen to them. (Fortunately, many of my friends are understanding. I’m blessed.)
          But anyways, blogging has taught me a lot, allowed me to more easily share my political beliefs, and allowed me to connect with bloggers (especially conservatives) outside the U.S., for which I’m grateful. Hopefully, those who come across my blog are refreshed to hear a young voice that isn’t liberal.
          As I said at the beginning, happy Easter! Also thanks for following and conversing. It’s much appreciated. Keep up the good stuff!


          • Your welcome and keep the down home writings coming. I was just looking at my blog stats and they have NZ followed by the US, Canada and Aus as main sources. I try to share conservative news from around the world but want to favour NZ and the conservative organisations on the website especially.

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  3. Interestingly, the media which I always thought were centre in NZ seems to have shifted Left also. I understand from some sources that our main NZ Television channel is biased towards CNN and not Fox so this was very evident in the US elections here. I ended up watching FOX because the bias was so great.

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    • I didn’t know that (then again, I haven’t paid much attention to the New Zealand media in the past), but I’m not surprised. Fox is better than a lot of our other mainstream channels because they have hosts of a variety of political opinions (i.e. Shepherd Smith, Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, and the late Alan Colmes were liberals, Greg Gutfeld is a libertarian (I believe), and Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling are conservatives…to name a few). It is the one I recommend, and I hope you found it better than our other mainstream media choices.


      • I watched FOX right through the primaries and election and loved it. My favourite presenter left for the opposition which really made me wonder what her motivations were reporting and giving Trump a hard time.

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        • Didn’t see your other reply until now. 😛 Glad to hear a foreigner liked it! Which presenter was your favorite, if you mind me asking? I’ve watched a lot of Fox growing up, and I’m familiar with a fair amount of them. (My favorite show though is The Five…I watch it with my dad when I’m home.)


          • I can’t remember her name but she was a blond ex lawyer and their top presenter. Went to the competition for a reputed $20m. I like the five especially the liberal guy who seemed quite fair.


            • Perhaps Megan Kelly, then. I know she left.

              Glad to hear you like The Five, too. The three most common liberals on there are Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, and Bob Beckel. My dad and I liked Bob. In all, they were all pretty good sports. We really like Greg Gutfeld (libertarian), Eric Bolling (conservative…he has a good book that I’ve read), and Kimberly Guilfoyle (also, conservative, I believe). I can’t wait until I get home so I can watch them again.


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